Chiropractic Therapy for Children

One of the first questions patients ask when they see a child in the office walk out of a treatment room is “why would a child need Chiropractic care?” The truth is as the proverbial saying goes “the twig is bent, so the tree is inclined” meaning that early influences have a permanent effect. I think the general assumption is that only adults with neck and or back pain visit a Chiropractor, however spinal misalginments aka subluxations can often occur during  the birth process. The use of forceps, vacuum extraction, C-section deliveries, even a natural birthing process can all result in spinal misalignments. Every one of my children while learning to walk, fell on their bottoms or unfortunately fell from their bikes while learning to ride. These minor traumas can manifest in symptoms down the road if left unchecked or uncorrected. Spinal misalignments may or may not result in immediate pain or symptoms as often is the case, the pain is the last thing that presents itself and by that time some damage may have already been done. Children live an active lifestyle as they grow and those active lifestyles provide ample opportunity for misalignment. Some childhood complaints are often attributed to growing pains but only a Chiropractor is trained to check for subluxations so a checkup is recommended to catch spinal problems before they start should your child begin to show symptoms like ear infections, colic, headaches or even bed wetting. It is important to understand Chiropractors DO NOT treat conditions or diseases, they work with the spinal system removing interference to the nervous system which controls and coordinates the functions of your body allowing your body to perform at its optimal potential.

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