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Dr. James Buesing

I am Dr James J Buesing, a Chiropractor on the outskirts of Doylestown, PA.  I became a Chiropractor in May of 2000 following in my older brother’s footsteps, also a Chiropractor in town.  Chiropractic wasn’t always our first choice of healthcare if I’m being honest. When I was a kid I dealt with an average of a headache or two on a weekly basis and never thought it was anything but normal for people to have them actually. Back then, if I had a headache, I took an aspirin. Years later while attending Chiropractic school at the University of Bridgeport Chiropractic College one of the Doctors in the clinic dug a little deeper regarding the headaches I mentioned. He asked me, “wouldn’t it make more sense to get to the cause of your headaches versus treating the headache with an aspirin?” At the time I honestly hadn’t considered the cause, I was more interested in eradicating the symptom. He asked me how I slept. “Do you sleep on your side, back or stomach? I told him I was a belly sleeper. He said do me a favor and turn your head to the left, looked at his watch and said stay there, I’ll be back in 6-8 hours and walked out the door. Two seconds later he walked back through the door with a smile on his face. I realized sleeping on my stomach with my head turned left for hours on end created a dynamic of muscle spasm and imbalance in my neck that was creating irritation and contributing to my symptoms. He encouraged me to sleep on my side with a pillow between my legs, adjusted my cervical spine a couple times a week over the next two weeks and my headaches began to subside and finally disappeared. Conceptually what he taught me just made sense. I changed my habits and I’ve managed my musculoskeletal system ever  since and  I’m happy to say 22 years later I’m still headache free.


I graduated from the University of Bridgeport Chiropractic College in May of 2000 and moved to Bucks County in June of the same year. Continuing education led to certifications in Neurodiagnostic Evaluations including NCV’s, EMG’s and SSEP’s, Manipulation Under Anesthesia and the Torque Release Technique, a non-manipulative form of Chiropractic care with all the benefits and results without all the snaps, crackles and pops.  I utilize Torque Release Technique along with traditional Chiropractic techniques along with physical therapy modalities and a network of providers spanning all aspects of care to provide the highest level of care for my patients.

In my free time most of my enjoyment comes from spending my time with my family and friends. I have twin boys who have a passion for basketball and a daughter who loves soccer. My schedule allows me the opportunity to attend just about every sporting event they ever play and I love every second of it. My wife, an avid marathoner and nurse at Doylestown Hospital is the glue that holds our family together. We enjoy the outdoors and engage in an array of trail races and endurance challenges and surround ourselves with friends who share our passion for our active lifestyle and appreciation for family.

My practice is on the outskirts of town just off of Burnt House Hill Road on Point Pleasant Pike. If you ever find yourself in need of getting to the root cause of any of your musculoskeletal related health and wellness issues or simply have a question you need answered or a point in the right direction please don’t hesitate to give my office a call. I’d love to see if I can help you or help you find the provider who can. Yours in health, Dr. James J Buesing.

A father of three, twin boys and a daughter, I mostly spend my free time following my kids from sporting event to sporting event and love every second of it.  

The rest of my time is spent with my wife, an avid marathoner and nurse at Doylestown Hospital.

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